• lostthingspoetry 5w

    Shadows and Starlight

    This is not Eden I'm afraid,
    although I've disguised it well,
    Oh how you've sacrificed and prayed,
    but this alter is just an empty shell.
    In my garden here grows only shadows,
    hiding blackened dripping thorns,
    You may come but you will never go,
    and you will only come to mourn.
    I've bewitched my scars to look likes roses,
    Inviting yes even tempting as a kiss,
    Ah but once you're in the gate closes,
    don't cry darling you got your wish.
    I wear the starlight as a garment,
    trailing darkness where I roam,
    Beckoning you to your sweetened torment,
    here in my garden of ghastly shadows.