• silentwaves 9w

    Far away

    Far away from here
    We both were in quest of something real.

    Away from the realm of dejection,
    Away from the cage of anguish,
    In an urge to abscond all the dark nights,
    We both were searching for some light.

    You were enchained by the past
    And I was enfettered by the future.
    We both were riding in some discomfiture.

    Your words turned out to be a home for my wandering thoughts
    And my silence painted a scenery for you to behold.
    We both wanted it to last till eternity
    But we forgot life holds no certainty

    Afterall we had to return back some day
    So you turned a blind eye to my silence
    And I walked out of your home.

    Headed in different directions,
    In the end
    We reached back home.