• mandvee 10w

    A usuall morning I woke up
    Untill I knew it was to be mourning
    As a ruler I seized my seat
    And my weapon my T.V remote
    All was fine we were all happy
    Morning full of sarcasm ;jokes ;food
    Not lived long those moments
    The red vained the joy
    My nose bleed my smile was red
    Still not a single line stress on my Dad's head
    Mom was quite siblings too
    I was shocked!!?? Don't they love me..??
    The hospital came I still confused
    The doctors operated I was separated
    I dared to ask what actually I was??
    The doctors amazed replied me,"Weren't you informed the cancer you suffered??"
    My eyes struck; lips stitched;
    My body shivered; brain chaotic;
    The doctor claimed they knew it all from the time I fell .
    Deep my heart n brain quarreled
    I was finical and they handeled it all
    Now I knew why all my desires were cherished n why all I said was ultimatum
    My family was indeed gold Untill I knew I was gone..