• when_eyes_narrate 24w

    The things you love the most are the things that snatched from you the first.

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    Cruel Me?

    Formidable footsteps
    Adept in sun rays
    Living the rains,
    I loitered for sun's gaze.
    Whining about the lost,
    I found me,
    In the body as shroud,
    Never felt alive.
    I was drenched,
    The essence knocked the door
    Of a cavity where
    People supposed to find a heart,
    The core of emotions.
    & that cavity was full of fire,
    Fire with nothing to burn,
    Destructive for myself and life giving for others.
    Igniting with that fire,
    Breathing was harder than ever.
    And with inhale of those essences,
    I burn them brutally.
    I wasn't cruel, I was just aware of the consequences!
    Scrambling around,
    Fighting with own prejudice,
    I succeeded in murdering my own desire.
    I was the defeater and only I was defeated.
    My innocent emotions
    Remained crawling in the cage of my
    Burgeoning belief.
    Neither rain from cloud nor flood from eyes could console the dead soul.