• rocker4keeps 5w


    Simple task revered to grow to monumental ones
    Those promises sealed in bracelets and pendants
    "To the skies, to limits that are set to be surpassed"
    Walking on the side walk together shut from world
    Silenced it and the cursor set upon you
    All the focus driven to you and the highlights ever bright
    Succumbed to all the attention and favour
    All in blue, clear, the sky would be envious
    To stage a callous drift of the net
    Me, her endearing captor wrapped around her palm
    The syndrome seeped into my rusty veins
    And the venom marinated to a religion
    As a faithful believer her words gospel
    Her speech instructions, more of law
    Freedom boiled and stirred ready to burst open
    For captivity is not meant for the liberated
    Steady steps, sturdy and true as the summer sun
    The mind broke free shuttered every barrier
    Took flight with no wheels to cussion the landing