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    Yup These Words Look So Simple, But Are Yet
    That Deep And Complicated.
    They Carry The Unrealized Or Hidden Truth
    Of Most People's Lives. And Realistic Misery Of
    Ignited Broken Or Fallen Souls.

    Finding Pain In Peace And Peace In Pain.
    Yup, That's Complicated.
    Still, Carry Just Two Sides Of The Same Coin.
    When Fallen And Left Alone Heart Happens To
    Feel Hard And Uneasy In State Of Loneliness And Silence. Not The Solitude. Silence Is A Place When World Remains Quite While Mind Screams It's Voice Out And Memories Of Shattered Past Regain Shape Of Pain In Dark Lanes Of Aloneness.
    But When It Gets Used To It, Heals By The Time,
    Heart Addicted to the Pain Runs For More Pain.
    This Condition Is Brought To The Heart By Unlimited Hits Of Life And Heart Gets Used To The State.
    And It Feels More Comfortable In Pain .

    So pain In peace Is The Start
    And When you succeed To Survive
    Peace In Pain Is The Undying Journey.
    But That's The Win Over Life.
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    My soul finds pain in peace.

    My Soul Finds Peace In Pain.