• cafenoir 5w

    She lay on the deathbed
    Still and oblivious
    As if she was tired and bored
    Of being a helpless 74 year old child

    So i kept my hand
    Along her waist,
    And whispered as i hoped,
    Dadi, wake up.
    Will you?

    4 years before,
    On exactly 13th of December
    She had come to visit me.
    You see, I always liked
    Clicking pictures with the
    effortless smile she'd put on
    Like it were the prettiest smile
    That existed.

    Tired of school
    I said, i should go and sleep
    Not until the moment
    When stomach ached me
    And today as i lay,
    i remember waking her up
    The same way.

    Fast forward to 2 years later,
    Weakness made her fall down
    A clot developed in her head,
    Reports were done.

    She was diagnosed with
    Dementia , a medical condition
    With progressive memory loss

    I do not know if it is fortunate
    Or unfortunate to say
    I was the last person
    To be forgotten.

    Amongst all the known people
    Who she didn't now know about
    My name as she kept saying,
    Felt like the most kindest thing
    One person could ever to do other.

    Years as they passed,
    Swept away my pride,
    That effortless smile
    from her face.

    That is what old age
    Amalgamated with unfairness
    Does to us a person.

    Now as i remember,
    Exactly the date:
    25 January 2018
    We lost her.
    More aptly,
    We gained a death.

    You know,
    I still yearn,
    To click a photo
    And wake her up,
    Dadi, wake up.
    Will you?
    And she'd say,
    Tell me. I am here.

    Scribbling this,
    Doesn't makes her come back,
    But still consoles a little part,
    Which even now cries at a last sight.

    -From a girl who has never written anything more true.

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