• marcy10 6w

    ����Happy independence day ����

    This post is specifically for our National hero...

    And I wanted to wrote this post for the awareness that a person can change someone's life and in unexpected ways like our one of the real hero... SONU SOOD...♥️

    As we all know that..He is the person who has helped so many people's across the Nation...as a army person safes our life being on field and protecting us..they protect us while being on borders and doesn't think about their own self but Sonu sood is the son of India who also doesn't think about his life and helping people...really a lott of respect for him..♥️♥️♥️

    Every time we used to celebrate our independence day in names of worriers and for the indian fighters but form now onwards we will celebrate for every Doctor,for every Police man,for every helping hand who helped us in this tough time like...pandemic..

    So, today I really wanted to thanks for all the Indian who helped each an every person while sacrificing anything while ignoring all the negativity..������

    And once again HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY ����

    THANKS DOST@black_pearl_ ♥️♥️✌✌
    He is the one who helped me for editing post pic ����

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