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    For the construction of a temple, a sculptor bought a
    load of rocks. He selected three of them and asked
    them who will accept the pain ? The first one denied
    bear the pain and the sculptor used it for footsteps. The second one confessed to bear a little amount of
    pain and he selected that rock for thrashing the coconuts and placed it in the "praharam" of the temple. And the third one said, I can tolerate the
    pain up to your satisfaction.

    The sculptor selected the third one and began his
    work. Everyday, he used to design the rock with
    his "chisel". Whenever the sculptor was modelling
    the third rock with his chisel, the other two rocks
    were giggling and made fun of the third rock.
    At last, the sculptor produced a beautiful sculpture
    out of the third rock.

    He gave an excellent finishing, and she is the
    "Goddess Durga Matha" and placed her in the
    "Gharbhagraha" of the temple and she receives
    the utmost respect of all.
    This made the other two, to realize,

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    Rock which,
    denies pain, gets under feet
    accepts less pain, gets thrashing greet
    tolerates more pain, gets Holly Treat.