• likwidsay10 5w

    I'm Naked but No Skin is Bared

    I lie in an afternoon unrest filled with lust
    Waiting impatiently for you to respond
    I excuse my over exposure
    As being bold and brave
    So why do I feel regret and shame
    For all the dirty things I've said to you
    Please bare with me if I become insecure
    Better yet, make me feel assured
    That it's okay to express that I want to fuck you

    I told you, I've been called sexually
    aggressive and a nymphomaniac
    I can never ever get enough
    I want it so bad, my thirst
    For you is an unquenchable thirst
    You got that good dick
    that everyone wants to have
    I've communicated exactly what I want
    To do with you in great detail
    Shared my deepest fantasies about the sex we're going to have
    My desire knows no boundaries
    My imagination is running wild
    I'm willing to do what you want
    Just to make you cum

    I want to keep you cumming to me
    So I'm on that cock as if it were a cone of Melting ice cream
    Lick it, taste it, put it in you my mouth, now swallow, enjoy it greedily, always wanting more
    Seconds, thirds and fourths
    You're a wet day dream turned into a reality
    I want to keep you cumming to me

    I'm completely naked but no skin is bared
    I've revealed intimate sexual things to you
    Like how I want to feel your hard cock within
    Stretching out my love, let it's warmth surround you, Baby, may it please you

    I'm completely naked but no skin is bared