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    Tried doing something new. Hope you all like it ��

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    Dear not so matured folks,
    Its another day. You have survived another struggle, lived another odd, made another heartbreak your best friend. But you have never realised that all through you have successfully done one thing, lived when life has posed serious challenges upon you. In the midst of all the anomalies, you have never stopped believing in yourself, consciously or unconsciously, and fought back with all the strength you had. You have complained about people changing. As time changes, people would change too. Life is not static, fellow beings. It is the dynamism that keeps us moving. As you mature, the world around you would mature too and you are bound to accept it. You will fight and make it to your goal. You will live, a satisfied and contended life. But, without regretting, learn to wait. Wait and see that how as each chapter unfolds, you are transformed from being a messy individual to a responsible individual. Do not let yourself succumb to the traumas of life. Life is tough, but so are you.
    A shattered and mended individual