• wolftibbles07 41w

    Fight Storm

    If you just seat down watching everything go by how will you stop the storm coming your way. People will tell you not to fight the storm not to fight the currents of what everyone is doing but if you don't fight it you will be another face in the crowd. When people say hey go left its easier it's safer it will have lest pain but if you go left if you take the easy path you won't be happy but if you go right and you take the unsafe path if you fight the storm instead of run from it you will end up not only stronger you also be happier kinder and braver. Yes you will go through time that you will want to give up you will want to cry, yell, scream, want to kill yourself and push everyone away, but when the battle is won and done and you are the vector you will realize it was worth it because now you are stronger you also be happier kinder and braver and that's what happens when you fight the storm