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    I know that, i overthink,
    I over love,
    I over care and yess,
    I get angrey too often but the truth is,
    All of this is to, do not lose you,
    To hold back you in my life,
    These frequent emotion changes is not for everyone, these are just for you,
    I am sorry sometimes i overreact but,
    It's only because there is a bigger chance of losing you than YOU LOSES ME.

    I know, there are other people in your life,
    Who is much more important than me,
    And i could be replaced easily,
    But for me you’re more then just someone to me, you’re my person.

    I know that,
    I could be the the last person who do you afraid to lose
    But i get intimidated just to thought of losing you,
    i am scared of someone else who can take my place in your life,
    Because if i lose you than,
    I could lose my laugh, my smile, my everything including myself as well,
    You are the most important piece of my heart,
    And i don't want to be replaced, you really matter to me.

    For rest of the world i am just a happy face,
    Or may something else,
    But for you,
    All emotions from around the world comes together,
    You have no idea how hard to be a happy personality and sad soul at the same time,
    You are the first thought in the morning and the last thought of me before i fall asleep,
    This is a once in a lifetime love and I intend to keep it forever (even longer than forever). No matter what will happen in future but right now "I CAN'T AFFORD TO LOSE YOU" .

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