• _the_whiskeydairies_ 6w

    She's the person you'd text at 2am
    To bitch and moan about
    how bad your date went
    She's the friend who tells you
    To drop a text to know that
    You got home safe
    And if you don't
    Calls you and reminds of you
    In a mini psycho rage
    She's the friend that let's you
    Drool over any girl or guy
    And tries to hide her smile in pain
    Know that the two of you
    Haver never met
    Doesn't know if you exist
    And knowing that everything is in vain
    She's the friend that wants to
    Beat up your ex
    And interrogate every new සක්කරවට්ටම
    You bring over
    She's always there to tell you
    That it's okay not to be okay
    And that you can do anything
    Do anything and everything
    If you've got the balls to
    She'll never judge you for the shit you do
    But she'll make it her responsibility
    To slap you and point it out
    When you're behaving like a fool
    She means a lot to me
    The psycho barbie
    That learns to play it cool
    You're a person
    That I wouldn't mind
    Selling my soul for

    Happy birthday bathali couldn't get you a proper gift but I hope that this makes you smile...love you loads❤️

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    So :3