• naomi_03 6w

    Dark days

    We dream...
    We dream but it always turns out to be nightmares
    We wake up with horror filled faces
    Before we sleep,
    We hope for better visions
    Our before was bad but we hoped for a better after
    We spend our days in silence thinking nothing can change
    When one previous occurs,
    We want a better ahead
    We hope for change
    We aim for better days after bad days,but...
    It all turns out terrible
    It becomes a nightmare
    It feels as though nothing can change
    The light at the end of the tunnel is but a mirage
    When we are almost reaching the light,
    It gets darker
    Darkness everywhere,
    When will this light come
    This nightmare would last forever and there is no good left for the good days.
    One voice can make a difference
    One man can change the world
    It starts from you and me
    We to need to speak up
    We would be the mouthpiece of the oppressed
    We would go on their behalf
    So we can wake up and end this nightmare
    We can wake up with beautiful faces and bright smiles
    When this all ends
    How long will it take, how long?