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    Physicists have come up with various theories regarding time. Some perceive it as circular while others see it as linear. Some believe it's a spiral. If time could take me back, I might amend things but for all I know it'll only move on and on. And so must we.

    This post means a lot to me.
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    Forward, Aye!

    Now that you're in the middle of the morass,
    All the promises that lured you in ring hollow.
    The creeks of yore that bubble with memories
    Bring forth the joviality of your past.

    Kayaking through wondrous blue, you wonder
    How everything seemed more ethereal
    When your hands didn't reek of injustice,
    When you weren't complicit in the subtle tyranny.

    You have waded through these times long enough
    To ever sight the door at the beginning again.
    So this time, don't hide your tears as you resist cowering.
    Set the past free, we'll go find the future.

    Your scars shall both boost and burn.
    The hounds will bay as young blood finds new meaning.
    Promise to be the cuckoo that soothes crushed hearts
    As ambivalent nights come round the corner.

    In your search for new colours, your sight will be clear as mud.
    The men you wish to lead will be as forgiving as time.
    When your eyes thirst for one last glimpse behind,
    Inveigle your heart into seeing the doe ahead
    That looks on hopefully as sunlight filters through the canopies.

    Move on for there's no way back to
    The things left behind.
    ~Nikki Mehta