• ljwilliams_ 5w


    Flickers of his embers

    Are too painful to remember
    But to heal I simply feel that I must try

    I saw him in a clearing

    Where it seemed that he was healing, finding solace he'd never known before inside

    I wish I'd recognized that place

    For being something more than needing space

    Never had it quite together

    Still he fought for something better

    Free from all the shackles he'd adorned 

    Bewildered by his circumstances

    Filtered through judgemental glances

    That left his fragile spirit forever torn

    I wish I'd recognized that place

    The truth was written all over his face

    On his lips he'd wear that smile

    As he slipped ever further...


    There are flickers of his embers

    Still too painful to remember
    But forgetting's just as hard as asking