• pinotthepoet 10w

    Do we sit and pretend that it's not over?
    Do we confuse the masses with our constant tongues dripping with both hate and lust?
    We know to ourselves that this will never end well, that we will get hurt,is this why we choke ourselves with misery and utter despair?
    You are not happy, don't pretend for I know what unhappiness feels and looks like as I have felt this for years. Don't drown your sorrows in foolish wines that taste of sweet memories and warm thoughts, rather let the bitters of jealousy and envy caress your lips and tongue for this is the most worthy of wines. We may think ourselves as wholesome creatures puzzle pieces meant to fit together but I am an end and you a middle and although we do fit we do not make a clear picture.
    Rest assured that I will never forget our ballads of love, our soulful Symphonies lighting up the ethereal plane. Your supple kisses that I ached for, the scent of you in my presence and the often allure of your personality. Know that I will always love you but it's because of love I have to let you go.
    Please know that these words are not meant for broken hearts, but to give the heart a chance to mend
    To comfort it like a friend.

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