• yalangiqueeny 6w

    When the whole world was asleep the British flag came down, and our tricolour flag was hoisted.
    It didn't happened overnight. Years of waiting, uncountable sacrifices of great leaders and also the unity among our people made this possible and brought all our Indians under one roof and gave us freedom. Our freedom taught us how important it is to have unity among ourselves. When a country can get it's freedom with unity, many things happen if we take any step together. 29 states , 22 languages , many dialects, our holy books, literary works, different religions and our traditions makes India different. We people stay here in tiny houses, but our hearts are really big. We can give shelter to a stranger and we never hesitate to share our food with others, and we believe in togetherness and live in a diversified society. Even if we go to any corner of the world we can easily bond with other people. This is what our country taught us, " Togetherness is Strength ". So we have to teach the same for our coming generations. And also this day taught us that change is possible only when someone raise their voice, it doesn't matter whether you are in crowd or alone, all that matters is your one step towards new future. And we need to remember that "One step can change generations, it can move mountains..."

    -Jai Hind