• kanav_punnu 26w

    There are a lot of things I love about you.

    The way you look out for me
    Because you know I sometimes act silly
    The way you say it was endearing and lovely.

    The way you brush my hair from my face
    Your fingers were gentle as they trace
    The love reflected on my skin and my eyes ablaze.

    The way you make me feel pretty
    You always say you how proud you are of me
    I can feel it from your intent gaze.

    I love that I can sing around you like no one is listening.
    It was liberating.
    You’d join in, every note is alive in our space.

    I love how you’d hold my hand
    You make me feel like you’ll never let go
    my heart wants to hold on
    But am I bold enough to try and defy everything and prove how much I love you.

    Because I really do.