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    This is the life we all live now. This is reality.
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    A Virtual Life

    While there’s enough noise
    The silence is creeping
    The numbers of followers
    Is always more than friends
    Everyone’s keen on knowing
    The inside of each other’s life
    To just have a piece of buzz
    A lots of likes on smiling pictures
    And the layers,
    No one’s interested what’s underneath
    Or in the eyes,
    Everything is so superficial
    And all the words fake
    We have come so closer
    And grown so apart
    A lot to say in the disappearing story
    What’s in the heart remains unheard
    We are in each other’s chats and DMs
    But no heart felt conversations
    There’s a life we all want to live
    And no one’s really alive
    Just fulfilling the requirements
    Breathing and existing
    Why someone’s death
    Makes us realize
    That we need to live?
    And why are we not together
    Living with each other
    Caring and understanding
    And not just tagging?
    Why can we not for once
    Be with someone in actuality
    Than merely existing
    On each other’s pages of Virtuality.