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    Arunima Sinha

    Whatever might come sweetie
    There are poeple who have been worse
    Arunima Singh, the first Indian
    Amptee to climb the Everest
    Fell on the tracks, there she lay,
    Until 156 trains crumbled her legs
    Because no one came up
    To pick her up, embrace her shreds.
    she did not stop to cry
    At her condition,
    She rose and got up to
    The point where no one
    Cared enough to go,
    Such was her opposition
    TO submission.
    Do you see the point?
    A normal girl, holding a
    Tale so frightening
    Did she stop, like you?
    Did she cry?
    Didn't she face the
    Continuous lightning?
    156 was the number sweetie,
    Such has to be your determination
    This is the women federal.
    This is the story of what you are.