• jamareewritespoems 22w


    What is your purpose in Life?,is it 2 live fully and not die by the Knife?,Or is it 2 wander and just Coast?, or live like a king or a queen and Boast?,Well I don't know about you but my purpose in life is to be a Inspiration,And work hard and grind and not even think about Vacation,But sometimes my mind dosent like me do That,Depressed thoughts popped up from time 2 time and I go Flat,It's a horrible feeling 2 feel that Way,That you feel like you can't achieve nothing and dont believe the things that people Say,"You'll be okay keep your head up stay Strong",Hard 2 believe them when you've been fighting this for so Long,When your in that Dark place it's so hard 2 get Out,And your mind is just filled with so much Doubt,Why does have to happen 2 Me?,I'm smart and mature it's Plain 2 See,I do everything the right way how I Should,I stay away from the bad and I do the Good,So what gives?,if i do all that then I should Fine,my mind shouldn't be suffocating me and I should be breaking through that Vine,But I remember when my mind comes back in the Light,Those positive thoughts come back and tell me 2 stay in this Fight,They also tell me "your built for this I know that your Tough,"You'll be okay you've been through worse Stuff",Then I realize that ima be Alright,I just gotta stay focused and keep my goals in Sight,So the next time I feel my mind feeling with Strife,I just got remind myself 2 just take a breather and say it's just Life ...."