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    Dedicated to Lucas ❤❤

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    Tell Me You Love Me, But Not In Words

    Tell me that everything's going to be fine.
    Tell me that you'll be there for me.
    Tell me you love me.

    Make sure you hug me tight,
    Don't let go.
    Make sure you do cheesy little things,
    They make me happy.
    Make sure to love me,
    I love you.

    Please don't say you're sorry,
    You really shouldn't be.
    Please don't feel bad,
    I promise.
    Please love me,
    I really want you to love me.

    Miss me like I miss you.
    Miss the way we laughed.
    Miss the way I loved you.

    I really don't know if I love you.
    I really don't know if you love me.
    I really don't know what love is,
    But I hope we have it.

    And I hope that it's everything we can be.