• gamblerfromhell 6w


    The heavy rain poured at 4o'clock
    The lightning begun to struck
    The roaring thunder followed
    I opened my eyes and hardly swallowed

    I really hate it when it rains
    'Coz I just can't stay sane
    You may find it ridiculous
    But believe me I'm serious

    I thought I was strong
    But again I was wrong
    I'm still scared of lightning
    Damn! I hate this feeling

    Still I went out to check on something
    Hoping I won't get struck by lightning
    Gone up the roof and was about to get down
    But then the lightning struck and I fell down

    I know you find me lame
    But a person never stays the same
    That time I thought I was a goner
    But I still am that little  survivor