• the_morning_cloud 6w

    The Malovolent Phantom

    The night sky above
    The abyss below
    The Nightingale in front
    The never ending void behind

    I feel like I've been falling forever
    To see your hand reach out
    Was my string of life
    The one I was grasping for

    I held on tightly as
    I longed for you to pull me up
    I waited as I realized
    You weren't here to do so

    You were here to show me a
    Glimmer of hope
    Just to grab it away
    To give me a chance, I never had

    Now, I'll push your hand away
    I may fall
    But I'll rise again
    To prove you're wrong

    Never will I give you the
    Satisfaction of seeing me in pain
    I'm disappointed in you
    I believed, I trusted
    And none of it mattered

    I saw my whole world
    In your eyes
    And you saw
    Nothing in mine.
    – D.D