• saraleeg 9w


    Focus on building the new; don’t fight the old. “Energy flows where attention goes” is what I’ve been told.

    Do what you know; care for your spirit, mind, and body - like you’ve been shown. Fan the fire in your heart so it doesn’t grow cold.

    “Thought expresses desire”. So, think about your desires. The power of decision is ever present in your daily life - even when you refuse to accept responsibility and take control.

    Stay in touch with your soul - no matter where you go. Your intuition will guide you; it’ll help you break free from your cultural mold.

    Go for the win; you stayed alive for this purpose. So, play the hand you’ve been dealt; don’t fold.

    You won’t break and you can’t lose because nothing real can be threatened... The world is yours. Live your story as you’d like for it to be told.

    You were born for such a time as this. You’ve been equipped to revolutionize the world - and to enjoy it abundantly as you go. So, live; co-create. Don’t just grow old.

    You are capable, but are you willing?
    Believe in your ultimate identity.
    Remember who you are.
    Trust in what you know.

    To choose love, you must release fear.
    So, let it go.

    Live mindfully and acknowledge the power you hold. You know all you need to know. So, go. Go receive what’s yours. Go bravely and manifest restitution - sevenfold.