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    I was about to just write a paragraph but I thought this would be more fun. Anyway, I would suggest you look at it carefully, though I think the message is pretty clear.

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    Another Message

    Could we go back to the past?
    Hopefully someday we will,
    As long as we remind ourselves that
    No good thing could come from
    Going around and willy-nilly messing
    In space time and the very fabric our
    Never-ending universe. However, let's
    Go on and say I could. What'd I do?

    Seriously, I would want to use all the
    Power I had to change things for good
    And to help everyone I could. But this
    Can bring up some moral questions:
    Everything has already happened.

    All that has happened is
    Never supposed to be messed with. It
    Depends, I guess, on your morals.

    The point is, I would go to some
    Important screw-up in history. I would
    Make it better; fix it if I could. I'd save
    Everyone. I would go to sometime..

    In the Bible, maybe? Like to the first
    Sin, if you believe in that sorta thing.

    Death could be avoided this way.
    After all, I could go back, and say, kill
    Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, which is bad,
    Granted, but could save millions.
    Even going back to the Titanic would
    Render useful because I could warn
    Others who don't know better. Anyway,
    Underlying message: If this was real,
    Saving lives would be a priority.