• vishalpatil 10w

    It was my first one, I know it was not perfect,
    But it was my best try...

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    I want to live again

    Far from this world
    where money is everything,
    where more than our talents
    our shitty papers matters

    I want to go back to that era,
    when, in my eyes this world was beautiful,
    I don't know where that innocence left,
    tv and video games were life,
    Kame-hame-ha was weapon,
    and power rangers was emotion,
    Goku, Ben, Pikachu, Shinchan
    they were above all,

    no completion, no submissions,
    no projects, no internships,
    only stress was thinking strategies
    to win those video game matches
    to show my friends, I was above them all,

    I want to play that bet game,
    where 2 samosas were reward,,
    to find the culprit, the court was fierce
    mother's swear was the ultimate law,
    where the world wasn't virtual,
    it was happy and real,
    where instead of mobile and laptops,
    playgrounds were the ultimate ps,

    Don't know where those WWE cards are,
    don't know where those dreams of Hogwarts are,
    don't know when that child inside me went missing,
    tried to find each and everything,
    but I couldn't even find those friends,
    with whom I wanted to live my childhood again!