• 21_muskan 6w

    Sometimes you need to close your eyes and grope around for hands that would support you...
    The eyes, my friend, are oft betrayers, and so is your naive heart. The eyes may see things that are distant and the heart would assure you of their nearness... But, in that moment, I want you to ask yourself a question... Isn't this scenario bearing the resemblance of a mirage?

    I understand that it is utterly difficult to let go of the belief that your heart believes so dearly in... To see with unseeing eyes isn't a task that many of us master consciously... But at times, it becomes the need of the hour.
    Instead of just knowing things, we need to actually feel their presence to console the turmoil raging within us... We need to realise the differences between the reality and our presumptions.

    © Muskan