• beauti13 10w


    Staring blankly onna white pad, gimmi my sight back. Trapped in my mind it's sad, I don't even write back...I don't like that. I hear the beat drop & I'm right back/ like tit for tat. This sum bullshit punk wtfs my hat?
    Sitting in the back with a pen and a grin spitting rhymes back. I know you got that. Bragging about the shit we do on the regular, they can't top that... Lil spun't up copy cats RRrah Rodger that! Taking pictures in the mirror with ya mommies gat- you a fucking rat. Whining all that crying you're a fucking Brat! Sit yo ass back cuz I'm about snap. Y'all be wigglin' on the beat I make these beats collapse. Hummin something about you single but yo wife's at my house. Niggah u think u pimpin but I'm calling u out. Kinda harsh ain't it? I haven't even started/ yet & u mad So where that big boy live with all them big boy friends?? Y'all ain't ready for this...