• jarraley 5w

    Kiss me soft under a lilac coverlet of pale moonlight
    Trace my gentle undulating curves beneath coarsely vagrant fingertips
    Gazes enveloped with heartfelt longing dawn beautifully clandestine
    Yearnings untethered willingly relinquished
    Warm breaths amorously entwined
    In that quiet reassurance echoing tomorrow's naked shadow
    Our tender hearts eclipsed by the gentle embrace of destiny
    Taste the sweetness between unspoken lyrics
    Fluently accentuated
    Triumphantly acclaimed
    Take my hand and dance until today's morrow is newly born
    When she nimbly breaks moon's firm grip upon the night
    Her eloquent portrait exquisitely orchestrated
    Hushed heartbeats timeless
    Raw emotions penned indelible
    Truths rendered speechless
    Let the sunrise wash over bared skins
    Dappled light delightfully playful above sleepy lids
    Subconsciously amused by the flamboyant gaiety of early rising songbirds
    Where one kiss can last a moment or abundantly quench an entire lifetime

    ~ Josie A Kerr