• abilene 10w


    Sitting alone in my room
    My bedsheets wrinkled and pushed to the side
    The cold autumn seeped through my windows and bit at my skin
    No light for miles
    I dangled my foot off my bed
    And waited for the monstrous hand to creep out
    It's long fingers curled around my ankle
    Nails uneven and chewed
    Splintered and covered in dry blood
    And only for a moment
    Everything's quiet
    Then it crawled out from under my bed
    Now stood amongst the darkness
    Hand on my ankle
    Fingernails digging slightly into my cool skin
    Which seemed warm compared to it's frozen grip
    I turned my head to the shadowy figure
    A bitter smile stretched across my lips
    A faint laugh escaped with my breath
    "I think you might be my only friend" I whispered towards the velvety shape which stood out against the static black of the night
    "You're the only one that's ever stuck around" I added as my gaze shifted from the figure to the corner of my room
    And if almost on cue
    Almost if it had been waiting
    The shadow disappeared
    Leaving me alone on my bed
    The sheets pushed aside
    The room a different kind of darkness
    An emptier kind
    And as I sat there
    The only words I could form were
    "Of course"