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    'The Day I will never forget '
    I have seen the beautiful sky but not like this one . It's the orange purple evening sky , I really love the view and  I just don't wanna get over it . It's like the scene from a Romantic movie but the only difference is that this story doesn't have any antagonist . It's just me and the beautiful skyline . I admire its beauty; it's different unlike other natural things. It's so unusual that I bond with the sky more than people because it unfolds a lot of mysteries and holds a lot of secrets . When I look at the sky I feel like a boat sailing in the ocean of many emotions all at once. Sometimes I wonder how many people share the same bond like me with the sky because it's the most effective tranquilizer . As a kid it always felt like a forgotten fairytale but now it's a reality. Everytime I look at it; it's always new and different . Closely looking at it ; I  go through the chapters of my life that remained unsaid , untouched and sometimes unforgivable.
    I don't love anything this much because when I look at the sky it's like a spiral and I love to keep getting drawn by it .
    /I am still stuck on that day/
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    I hope it's positive!
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    I love the beautiful skyline.