• devdutta 10w

    And Night Arrived, of Friday, the 13th

    All day long he brooded in bed
    By late afternoon, his gaze had fixated
    On things he otherwise wouldn’t notice on a regular day
    He then understood what lay in store for him the night ahead.

    Evening came and with it arrived the appointed hour
    He couldn’t control his excitement, even if his mind felt somewhat delirious;
    Putting on his long-cast-aside wedding clothes
    He took one last look at the mirror, just so he could be sure.

    Then, walking ahead for several miles,
    He trudged uphill to finally reach the place;
    A cold shiver caused his spine to arch
    His feet felt sore but his heart thumped hard.

    Like a maniac possessed, he rasps out:
    I’m here; do with me tonight what you will wont;
    From inside, a bloodcurdling response is heard
    And then she appears; yellowed bones her body, her eyes phosphorescent.