• chrisrighteous 34w

    Where did my faith go?
    The days of wisdom, pride, righteousness, patience have gone. I pretend to act myself as if I was into a real world. No, it's not. Where does it all go?
    Where are my treasures?
    Why I was like this?
    When will I get back my real life story?
    Why I have been so stubborn all these days?
    Who will pay penalty for this?
    Why they judge me?
    What is on their mind?
    Won't there be an end for this continuous battle?
    Really! Believe it that God has a plan on our way. He tests us whether our faith is a day dream or a real. Enemies will act and curse because their duty is into the Satan's hand and It's strange, they act and perform as like they were never into it. The world is so, we can't expect or guess that this person is purely for god sake. I do, I take steps to motivate myself for not being abandoned. Mistakes happen, but everything I do will remain drained sometimes. How this shit, happens always to me?
    Where I am?
    What I was upto?
    Is there any solution to resolve what I lost?
    The world remained as they were watching some interesting movie for a holiday. Well, I don't want someone to help me or love me in my weaknesses. I should stand by me. God is working on me. And He is. All I think to drain my brain is, why should that can happen? There are millions of people all over the world, God might take an excuse for me and be someone's success. But my question is, I know how much I saw in this world for the real meaning of failures with lots of pain and sufferings. I can't excuse always to see my failures again and again to think this is my life. I can't fit to anything. If God knows when to happen or what next? Why should I worry? A dishope always just running my life. My dreams are my heaven's and hell's. I cry for getting a bad dream and for good. I faced a real hell, for God has blessed me with a Dream and I should believe in that to live next second. Over thinking, running with bad thoughts are giving hell to my life. I have never expected someday I will see this nasty shit of my life and make my enemies to laugh little more to see again and over again my failures. Apart from this, I'm making my parents to feel ashamed infront of their colleagues. I must use my brain how to uphold my thoughts and standing firm.

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