• jack519 10w


    I wish I were a crow
    I’d soar above the earth
    knowing I belonged only in this moment
    my brothers’ calls would tell me all I needed
    My role secure in skills learned
    From birth rather than bought in gold
    By hungry ghosts continuously craving
    Oh yes, you know your place in the world when you’re a crow
    no more or less a crow in name
    Hunter, scout, nanny, sentinel, gatherer, leader
    All are mourned in equal measure on their last day
    I wish I was a member of a murder where there is no word for loyalty because it is a given part of brotherhood
    theirs’ is a plain speech with no double meaning
    They warn of unkindness and the dangers they’ve observed so that they may avoid entrapment
    Humans have short memories for the plagues we bring forth
    Our devouring egos not allowing us
    To see our own destruction is at hand
    But a crow’s memories are long
    I wouldn’t have to wonder what the world would bring
    all my ancestors memories would live inside of me
    a vast knowledge stretching back to the first of our kind to pass on to all who would listen
    I wish I were a talking crow so I could teach humans where in our bones to look for our stories
    To keep us from repeating the mistakes that take us back upon this endless wheel of suffering
    But if it not possible and I was a crow
    my brothers and I would fly far and wide collecting shiny objects to set our sanctuary alight
    stars waving in the night’s breeze to remind us of the constellations once seen as we floated through the sky

    By Jacki McMechen