• vidushis 9w

    Where have you gone

    I have been asking this question to myself, to everyone else still here I am with no clues of you.
    Where have you gone?
    Will you ever come back to me?
    Will you return to abode of our happiness?
    I can't believe that the arms in which i have cried so many times are no longer now, there to hold me. The laughs we have shared together are haunting me now.
    My world seems dizzy without you, my head keeps spinning all this time while i write my tears into words. My heart is in a constant state of daze and has refused to be normal again.
    Just one last time i want to have a glimpse of you again, just for the one last time i wish to hold your hands again, a little more tighter than ever.
    Where have you gone?
    Without bidding a goodbye to me.
    Without caressing my hairs, pecking my forehead lovingly, whispering sweet nothings in my ear.
    Where have you gone, just like this?
    Why haven't you asked me once, if i wish to accompany you?
    Now what am i supposed to do here without you but with your memories all over around.
    It feels so heavy inside that i can barely breathe.
    Every breath i take seems heavier than ever.
    Yet here I'm surrounded by incoherent thoughts of yours, inhaling scattered scent of yours, reminiscing the blissful moments of togetherness and wishing to meet you again in the world of fairytales, living our happily ever after together.