• amuamy 9w

    With every pain you gave
    I grew a little stronger
    With every betrayal
    I became a little wild
    With every beauty u ignored
    I was turning to be a beast
    With every offensive word
    I made myself wise
    I assumed to be the king of the jungle
    My head high and my spirits too
    My drug was my words
    I could spill words just like water
    It spelled a magical tear on my wounds just like potters (Harry Potter)
    I did cry of pain and crushed myself to no surveillance
    But today I'm damn proud to be the gal who could scare the shit of a coward who betrayed me for a bitch
    I have a life
    You have none
    Be my word , be my pen
    For my love is a magical spell
    I keep you in my heart safe and sound
    For your sins aren't forgivable for ever now