• ayushi246 5w


    May be all of us went wrong,
    Arrogance was not all bad
    Perhaps ,it was a protective shield
    To avert scattering of our broken pieces
    Which we kept hidden in the darkest corner
    Of our timid souls.
    To fend off attack on our fragile alter ego,
    We often flaunt our coldheartedness .
    Aren't we apprehensive of being ,exposed
    What if , someone trade our innocence ;
    What if , we get betrayed one more time ?
    Before getting another deja vu ,
    Why not , we put on a cloak of ruthlessness,
    Let's take pride in being emotionally dead
    May be we need compassion fatigue to take over us ,
    Perhaps being conceit was are last option .
    This time ,why not we destigmatise arrogance
    As ,it's already fighting a fierce battle , taking all the blames selflessly , while being our guardian demon simultaneously .