• zarafreeman 23w

    How could I forget how sweet you tasted? How cold and icy your numbing grip could be?
    How hot your breath is... Breathing down my neck and coursing down my spine.
    How sweet my salty tears tasted.
    I guess my mind was clouded by the fleeting glimpses of happiness, oh how deceitful they can be.
    Well it was fun while it lasted and for a while I actually thought the cycle was over and probably the world wasn't all gray and colors other than black and white existed.
    It was so easy to deceive myself... Put on the act and somehow believe my fallacy was a reality. But how could I forget my middle name is "little sorrow"?.
    Well thanks for returning in grand style tonight. You always do. But I guess this was the most dramatic... Haha, your sense of humor is something else.
    Well I know who I am now. I'm sorry for forgetting. I guess it's time to embrace my reality.
    But where did I drop my blade? It's time to draw with silver and watch it come out crimson.
    Where's my blunt? It's time to cloud my vision with substance induced hallucinations.
    Where's my diary? We need to talk again.
    Welcome back to phase one, let the simulation begin.