• shibani_sonowal_paul 9w

    To the boy I meet Online

    We met online and became good friends
    Nd I truly believe you're someone dear!
    Here is something that I like to share with you.
    For all your kindness and love.
    You nd I are good friends on that we both agree.
    You are wonderful one of a kind.
    At times I wonder what makes you so special.
    The bond between us or the trust.
    You are always there for me when my soul needs a little lift.
    You made me realize that not all boys are same.
    You took out the best in me.

    So today I gather deep emotions to greet you.
    And although we leave so far apart
    Always remember you hold a piece of my heart.
    This message make it clear-
    Good friends are rare to find ♡♡