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    We have the capacity to learn,to live and pass it on through the generations to come. "The sole purpose of our life",what comes to your mind when you hear this sentence?Can you give a thought to it?Think beyond your capacity.
    Start it from a cell,the cell divides itself and replicates its own dna and passes it on. It passes its genome, the information which it has gathered from its life and the changes it has made to survive which lead to adaptations and thus evolution.Even we as a human being have done it so far , we have been discovering things and passing it on. The researches,the inventions and the discoveries have been passed down so that the new ones can make use of them and can make their lives better. This is why we have institutions which educate the society. But that's a totally different case that the students are studying them just for the sake of examinations.
    But just give a thought to it. Why was it actually made for?? Nowadays knowledge is just a source of earning,there are very few who are actually paying attention to the sole purpose of knowledge. It was to make the lives better not worse but what we are doing is just the opposite. We have decided to destroy the planet and are making sure that homo futuralis never exist. This is a brutal truth but we all have to accept it. Learning at schools and institutions were not meant for just preparing for the examinations and to get a job at your 20s and get married at late 20s and get retired at 60s . It was made so that even you become capable of bringing about the change in your society or atleast continue to maintain the betterment. It was not for making the situations even worse. It is not that late ,we can still change the future. Hope we continue to make lives better for the future and not worse. I request you to take some responsibility for it so that we can save our planet.