• theyoungpoet 10w

    I live in a world which is dominated by the rich. The young work hard to achieve there goals. We have a racist in the White House. A racist in downing st
    They both look a like
    Messy looking with opinions that are not politically correct
    The world is a mess
    We are all locked in our own individual worlds trying to maintain relationships and friendships
    Wars eradicating people’s homes
    Africa is the motherland
    Yet parts of it still remain poor
    We had people steal the riches and run it dry
    African jewels and arts in museums as if the English haven’t benefited of the back of Africans enough
    I wonder when will it stop
    They say we don’t need reparations
    Just get over it
    We are economically at the lower end of the food chain
    Yet we still strive to work hard
    I sometimes wonder how the world would have been without the pain and suffering of a people who had many gifts and were taken away from there homes
    I guess I’ll never know