• rachitabaruahwrites 6w

    I could feel the soft clouds with my hands but soon wore my gloves as the cold winds had nearly frozen my fingers. The only thing I needed was a cup of hot coffee and had sent the driver to fetch me a cup from the roadside stall. The view from the bridge was breathtaking. On a clear sky day, one could see numerous waterfalls or even a full arched rainbow. But, that day it was drizzling nonstop and foggy all around. But I was in no mood to enjoy the mesmerizing view as I was nervous for an important meeting. And my body demanded some coffee to gain some confidence points. Then, I saw the sight, the most beautiful sight. She was coming out from a dreamy picturesque motion canvas with a corn cob between her teeth and lost in the screen of her mobile phone. My heart skipped a thousand beats watching her. "It happens, my boy, it happens", said my innervoice. Ignoring the coffee brought by my driver, I went towards her and touched her shoulder. The corn cob fell from her mouth replacing with an awestruck smile. Destiny had brought us, for the first time in these ten years, face to face. Our first meeting. Our long distance relationship had survived over phone calls, video chats, letters and the magic called " Love".