• deovrat 40w

    New Resolution

    it is really
    interesting imagination
    what happened
    if there would not be
    the process of germination
    it is also out of imagination
    if god changes the process
    of parturition
    put on halt all the inception
    and forget the practices
    of termination
    god blessed us
    the process
    of creation
    and deterioration
    but what we offered
    to the almighty
    we, in the name of  
    scientific research
    and  new inventions
    always put forth
    doubts  and ambiguous questions
    never put on complete faith
    on the lotus feet
    of our creator
    although  making all our efforts
    to vanish the god's formulation
    this is the time when
    we have to introspect
    our  accusation and conviction
    and follow such doctrine
    which will lead us
    on the path of creation