• satyadevsdg 26w

    Money not needed to show one's humanity ,
    If you truly have humanity then provide good food to the needy , and their blessings are worth of millions of dollars in your life.

    At times we find , many sleeping on the foot paths ,
    We just feel sorry for them ,
    But when you have enough money to spend at a pub , a hundred rupees of blanket doesn't matter you much.
    But , that one blanket fills Happiness worth smiles for the needs.

    They give birth to children whom they think would care them alot , but finally end up in begging on roads.
    They have their body well , but their age is at the top.
    Help such people by donating some food , they beg for money , but when you give food their eyes turns watery.

    Born as boy , but time changed them into transgender. We try to avoid them , but once think of the pain that made them to convert . A ten or twenty rupees just doesn't empty your pockets.

    Humanity cannot be earned in money,
    Nor calculated,
    It's something which is defined by the blessings we get from others Happiness.

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    Money not needed ,
    A heartful of happiness and a stomach full of satisfaction which one gets from eating food when he's in need of it defines your humanity levels.