• therandombear211 22w

    Missing love broken heart

    I'd part the sea if it ment I could see you
    I'd walk on knives to catch you
    But that's just it nothing but a broken heart and dark memories
    Wish i could bend the minute and make it last but i know the truth I'm not for you
    As the kingdom calms and the world seems more scorn a hatred erupts for everything this world has become
    Embrace the beauty embrace the grace my heart, mind and soul are lost in a shadowed glaze
    Sandstorms create a suffercating wake as the quick sands of time build ruins of land.
    This world is a place my heart feels misplaced
    Can you help me understand this abyss for my words and will Faulters. No longer know what to think or feel my voices always telling me I'm in danger