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    Sometimes we got others intensions,of thier false apperance.
    Their mean to us?
    Comment your feelings after reading this
    I may find happiness there❤✌
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    Thinking about their Reactions
    I get it sometimes,
    Reality behind those 'Shines'
    It won't care,
    If Your's Morphology & Anatomy isn't same..;
    Judger is me and Criminal is me?
    And Court is You!
    Fellow followers is'nt acheivement
    Enemy's following to you is!
    Be Your own judger
    No one can seek;
    Legalise You action
    Not their blame?
    I get it
    Dont elobrate!
    Knowing the intension of their,
    I didn't stopped!
    They take me too...
    Far that i didnt thought?
    Localising me!
    Looks like a fest?
    Oh!Guys i got it dont overmorpholise?
    Having those Gifts
    I smiled!
    Found a Poisen with,
    Hundreds of lies...