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    That smell of you in those
    Rumpled sheets
    That indent in the pillow
    Next to mine with
    Lipstick stains....
    That unmade bed with
    Pillows strewn on the floor
    That mess on the nightstand
    That half filled glass
    Of water
    That empty shower stall
    Those naked shelves
    That once held all that
    Was dear to you....
    Those packed bags
    Neatly lined by the couch
    With all your things
    Organised into small piles
    That note left next to me
    Probably filled with words
    Of love and goodbyes
    While I pretend to be asleep
    With my eyes shut tight
    Hoping that when I do
    Open them , by some miracle
    You’ll still be here
    Then that gentle click of the door .....
    Come back to me , my insides churn
    At the very thought of having
    To live without you
    Come back - I’m totally
    Empty without you
    I mean nothing without you
    I’m not sure I can even find
    Myself without you
    You’ve taken a piece of me
    And left a hollow , a dark hole
    Filled with remorse and regret
    I don’t know why and how
    We have come to be this way
    You seem to have left without
    Any apparent reason....
    Come back to me if only
    To make me whole again
    Come back


    20th of October, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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